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Discover an exclusive NFT collection of animals

Our NFT collection is 5010 unique tickets to enter the Desert Island world. Join us on the journey to get a chance to win big prizes, get a key to a private club, merchandise, and much more. Stay tuned!

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Story of project

One day after the return of one zebroid, he said that they had found a land where everyone was fighting for treasure in the center of the planet. Everyone who went there with him did not come back.

After that, for many hundreds of years, the rumors' of Desert Island legend have been flying around the whole planet, on which there is an indescribable treasure hidden somewhere in the center of the planet. The older generation has always been scared that there is no turning back from Desert Island.

But what is there? You will have to find out with your hero.



Whitelist mint open

May 16, 2022

Minting is open to whitelisted addresses

Collection release

May 19, 2022

Minting is open to everybody else

Team AMA

500 NFTs sold

Team AMA where Desert Island team will discuss future plans, news with the community

–°harity voting

2000 NFTs sold

Voting for charity organization, that will receive 5% of the sales when we are sold out


3000 NFTs sold

Start of Merchandise production, which will be sold in the shop

Sold out

5010 NFTs

The countdown to the launch of Desert Island Quests. Voting for new animal collection open.

Our team

NikiCo-founder/Crypto enthusiast

Niki is the core ideas' generator. Likes crypto a lot, he is best at promoting/marketing. Busy with social media

Oxxyg33nCo-founder/Tech Lead

Tech guy, more than 4 years of experience developing complex systems. Does the 0111010 magic to make it work

TeroDorianCo-founder/Art Designer

Tero is a tattoo & art designer with more than 8 years of experience in the field. Responsible for the NFTs design

Mori no painProject Manager

Project manager, who is responsible for coordination inside the team. Does all the boring stuff nobody wants to do

HocKuAnimations Artist

HocKu is our experienced animations' artist. Loves sausages with ketchup and sometimes to draw!

Join us

Join us today and get a chance to win big prizes & merchandise. Stay tuned & follow our social media accounts for news!

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